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Ruislip High School

"Our school aims to foster a positive, successful environment. The personalised learning and development programmes ensure that students will enjoy learning and see it as a lifelong process to help them reach their potential. We teach them to take responsibility and respect others in a culture of self-discipline and social awareness. Whatever the subject focus, the real difference at Ruislip High School is the personal, independent learning that we offer our students. As they mature, all students are supported by teachers who work with them to build their own personal learning plans and provide support for their future needs. It is in this way the school is a place of academic excellence... "(, homepage, September 2012).

Ruislip High  School


Ruislip High School  (ages 11-18)                                         

Sidmouth Drive, Ruislip HA4 0BY
Head Teacher Ms M Lecky

Tel: 01895 464 064



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